New music from Rat Silo: "Unfortunately..."

Rat Silo. Unfortunately... cover

Rat Silo are a four piece alternative / hard rock band from Vancouver BC.

They formed in 2007 and released "What The Butler Saw" and were blessed with CBC's Song Of The Day for "Getupgotoworkgohomegotobed". Follow up cd "Doubleplusungood" (2009) contained the fan favourite "Oh Fuck Off Tony". In 2012, they used Dave Ogilvie (Jakalope, Skinny Puppy, Marilyn Manson) for their next record "The Great Northern Way", which contained fan favourites "Ass Camp" and "Duh". In 2017, they emerged from a hiatus with a change in personnel that evolved into the current line up. In 2020, they released their 4th record "The World Is Going To End Tomorrow", with Dave Ogilvie, which features "Suspect", "I Sacrifice" and "Get High And Quit". In 2022, Rat Silo are releasing record number 5: “Unfortunately...”, also recorded by Dave Ogilvie.  

Rat Silo makes music for desperate times. Setting up tight, bottom-heavy grooves and mixing in samples for added texture makes for a juicy base for the singer. By playing with the usual 3 piece guitar / bass / drums / samples format, it could sound like we are back in the 90’s again, but this stuff is more dynamic and playful.  

One way that their music different is they don’t use click tracks - the machines have to sync with the band. Whereas, most bands that use computers have to keep time with the click, which can make the playing sound more rigid. Rat Silo's music changes organically. The songs have a variety of tempos, and the tempos and dynamics change throughout every song. Rat Silo's songs veer from the thumping and aggressive to the tense and hypnotic. Lyrics are from the urban angst / post-apocalypse / blind-rage bucket.

Songs and Themes

The World Is Going To End Tomorrow
Quit telling me to be scared all the time. 

Head On A Stick:  
The tyrant we lynched hasn't figured out he's dead yet. 

How Does It Feel?
Your favourite drug reminds you who is really in charge. 

Fire Below
A call to arms. 

The Sailing Song
Unrequited love for The Sirens. 

The Ballad Of The Mad Trapper
Hermit defends himself from a town full of bullies. 

Believe It
Please don't quit just yet. 

All music and lyrics written by Rat Silo. SOCAN MAPL 

no cussing on this one.

Band Members

Jim Newton (Sons Of Freedom): 
Vocals, Guitar. 

Don Binns (Sons Of Freedom, Art Bergmann, Econoline Crush, Trailerhawk): 

Erkan Gencol
Loops, Noises, Doumbek. 

Sean Stubbs (Numb, Bif Naked, SNFU, Jakalope): 

Rat Silo. The Band. 2020.


Summer/Fall 2022: 6 live-performance videos to be streamed individually.

May 17 2022: Single released "The World Is Going To End Tomorrow" on all streaming platforms.

May 28 2022: Premiered (first of 6) live-performance video of "The World Is Going To End Tomorrow" on YouTube.

July 17 2022: Single release "Head On A Stick" 

August 17 2022: Single release "How Does It Feel?" 

September 17 2022: 7 song CD/digital release to College and Community Radio in Canada.

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